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Retirement Village Living

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Moving into a retirement village is an investment decision as well as a lifestyle decision.

People have many reasons for choosing a retirement village, combining the benefits of being in a private and secure environment with a home that is easily maintained.

Retirement villages offer social activities, amenities and the freedom to choose a lifestyle that meets your needs.

There are hundreds of retirement villages in NSW of different sizes and styles providing a range of services and facilities.

Take time to obtain all the information you can from the villages that interest you.

NSW Fair Trading provide information to help prospective residents. The links below provide useful information.

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Download Guides:

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Moving into a Retirement Village

Prospective Resident Checklist

Retirement Village Living

Retirement Village Calculators

Provided by:

  • NSW Fair Trading
  • Seniors Rights Service
  • Macquarie University

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Living in a Retirement Village

There are a number of aspects associated with living in a retirement village. These are listed below together with the relevant links to NSW Fair Trading Guides.

Leaving a Retirement Village

Leaving a retirement village will be different depending on your ‘type of tenure’.                     

More information is available here

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