NCAT Case Results

From time to time Peter Hill, the Honorary Solicitor for the RVRA Committee, provides legal opinion articles in the Newsletter and outlines some of the important cases heard in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) with results assisting the residents across NSW.

Whilst a NCAT decision does not set a precedent, in the way a court decision holds weight for future cases, there is a requirement under the NCAT Act that there is some consistency in decisions, and NCAT Members should refer to other decisions in making their deliberations.

Many of our committee members and RVRA members have been involved in these cases, and are willing to share their experiences, in the hope this may assist other residents. A number of these cases are summarised here, but a fuller account of the cases, and the lessons learned, are available on application to the RVRA Office.

Please click on the case below to view the summary. 


 Peter Boynton & Wivenhoe Village Management     Queens Lake Village & Aevum (Stockland)     


Scalabrini Village & Scalabrini Village Ltd    Carey Bay Village & Anglican Care


The Landings & Sakara Holdings (2012)     Leura Fairways Retirement Village & Leura Fairways Partnership


Alloura Waters & Living Choice         Elmore Glen & Vivre PL (2012)          The Landings & Sakkara Holdings - Audit (2012)


Frank Vickery Village & Wesley Mission (2012)     The Landings & Sakkara Holdings - Building Defects, etc (2012)