The Retirement Village Residents Association (Inc.), NSW was incorporated on 22nd February 1990. 

NSW Fair Trading recognises the Association and The Property Council of Australia as peak bodies representing their respective members.





The mission of the RVRA is to represent and support retirement village residents across NSW. 



Our association strives to:


Assist Residents to understand their rights and obligations

Defend and Extend the Rights of residents in Retirement Villages

Encourage Residents to exercise their rights, and participate in the decision- making processes affecting their lives

Assist Residents to develop an effective Residents Committee

Offer Information and Advice to intending residents and their families

Promote Positive Relationships between residents and management




To acheive our aims, RVRA cooperates with the following organisations:


NSW Fair Trading

Seniors Rights Service (SRS)

Property Council of Australia's Retirement Living Council (RLC)

The NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

Australian Retirement Village Residents Association (ARVRA)



The affairs of the association are managed by a Board consisting of 8 members. All Board members are residents of retirement villages or associate members and are dedicated to ensuring they achieve the objectives and aims of the Association. Board members work voluntarily in the interests of their fellow residents. The Board meets on a regular basis.

The RVRA Committee has vacancies from time to time and would welcome expressions of interest from any retirement village resident who would like to work for their fellow residents. Please Contact Us to express your interest. 

Please Note: The RVRA has no paid full time staff (only limited clerical assistance). Correspondence, emails and phone calls will be attended to ASAP by one of the Members of the voluntary Board.